Little Runa

I had the privilege to meet this wonderful family of four who was just to get a little addition. The two girls were so excited and couldn’t really wait to meet their new sibling. Mom went over time for some days, but finally, finally they got to see her and hold her for the first time. I’m so happy that I got to take their photos both before she was born as well as after.

IMG_3796_b_Hello_2_with frame

Here she is, sweet little Runa, only nine days old.



This is news I’ve eagerly awaited for a long time: did I or did I not manage to get any of my photos into the finalist or higher category at TZIPAC? I did! My photo “Mirroring” with fabulous Jo and Colby got that honour. I am very proud!

April 2, 2014

We had a couple of friends over for a gaming night yesterday and handsome Mr. L. used the couch to get some well needed rest afterwards. Within the hour of him leaving today I managed to take a few shots of him, just as simple as it can get: a couple of lights and the basement wall and Mr. L. in his bomber jacket. Since I was so tired myself after the late and intense gaming I thought that all of the photos would be worthless, but I was pleasantly surprised by the result. I really like the easiness and the fun of taking a friend and shoot a couple of photos just because.


Long time no see

I had almost forgotten that I had this blog. It’s been so much going on in my life since last May. Hopefully I’ll be able to update my blog a bit more regularly from now on. After all it’s really fun to write. One thing that I’m very excited about right now is that I’ve become part of The Tiny Footprints Project. It is a fantastic organization that take photos of premature babies for free and capture all those memories that all families should have of their newborns. I was blessed to meet little Arianna a couple of weeks ago and I got the good news that she got to go home this past Saturday. Way to go, little one!



It’s raining, it’s pouring…

It's raining, it's pouring...

As my friend Adam said in a comment to my last post, it’s nice with rain if you don’t get caught in it. Well, that’s just what happened to Siri and me when we were heading to the play ground today. We had the play ground in sight so we made a rush and hid under the slide as it started to pour down, or “raining cats and dogs” as my English teacher taught us in fourth grade.

It was fun. It was cozy. It was quite the adventure and eventually it cleared up for ten, fifteen minutes before the rain started again – and again – and again. With all the thunder going on we had the chance of talking about Tor, the Nordic god of thunder, and how he raced over the sky, swinging his hammer.

During the short intervals when it didn’t rain we built a town of sand with castles, roads, bridges and decorations. I was quite sad when we had to go home due to a little girl in need of a potty.

It’s been a good day.


May 28th 2013

May 28th 2013

So, this is how the day looks like here in Edmonton today. Combine that with thunder and pouring rain and I think you’ll get the idea… šŸ™‚ It’s nice, though, the first real spring/summer rain for the season. Gotta like that.


Wow… okay… um… What do you say on a blog anyway? I mean, I love to write and all that (and I think that I’m quite good at itĀ . šŸ˜› ), but I’m terrible at keep the writing thing going. Well, who knows, this time it might be different.

So, who am I? A 40+ woman with a lot of life experience in the baggage. Born Swedish – with half Norwegian blood in my veins. Now living with my husbandĀ in Canada since eight years. Edmonton, Alberta, to be precise. We have two gorgeous children born here, a girl and a boy, and three cats, two of whom actually were born in Sweden too.

After my daughter was born and my maternity leave ended I couldn’t find a job in my particular expertise – which is archaeology, btw (yes, I do have a MA)Ā – so I applied for Sears Portrait Studio, just to get some money in and because I’ve always been interested in photography. I worked there and learned a lot for three years until I went on my next maternity leave last year. I knew that I had actually discovered my real talent at Sears, but I felt that I couldn’t learn anything more thereĀ and that I needed to improve and develop as a photographer. That’s when I started at New York Institute of Photography and opened up my business, andĀ that’s where I amĀ now: taking the Professional course of Photography and trying to make my business known.